Tuesday, November 25, 2008

lego martians and the environment

i don't know what's happening in my head. my son caleb bought a lego set the other day with his birthday money. the set includes a white "mission to mars" vehicle for humans and a black martian spaceship which is loaded with weapons. a couple years ago, i wouldn't have thought twice about it, but now that's just not the case.

as i looked more closely at the set, i noticed that the human vehicle, as innocent as it looked, was actually a mining vehicle. the picture on the box had the humans mining the surface of mars and the martians flying overhead.

all of the sudden a flash of craziness hit me. why should the humans get to mine the resources of mars and take it back to earth? the martians are just defending their world from human resource theft! :)

i recently read the national intelligence council's "Global Trends 2025." a key insight of that global futurist document is that the scarcity of natural resources such as oil, water and food is going to cause global unrest and even major wars in the near future. another stat i recently saw was that if all the world lived the middle-class american lifestyle, the earth would be a wasteland in just a couple years. 

i wonder if i was thinking a little too much about these kinds of things when i looked at those legos.

am i going off the deep end? maybe i'm spending too much time in the books. what do you think? does humanity have trouble using the earth's resources well? what do you see happening when/if we run out of natural resources?