Sunday, October 01, 2006

why blog?

this was a funny page....

How to dissuade yourselves from becoming a blogger

it brings up a good question....why blog? it seems like there are several possibilities...
1) you have too much time and have nothing better to do
2) you want someone, anyone, to know you and in our disconnected culture and hope this might be a way. (well, now there's myspace for that ;)
3) you want influence and want your name to be on the internet. after all, megaphones on street corners are sort of out in our culture, so how else to get your message out?

my brother in law eric asked me the other day why i started blogging....i said that it's all about influence and fame. what? is that so wrong? :) if none of the good guys have influence, where's the world going to be in 50 years!

my original hope was to start blogging about some of my counter-western culture thoughts on parenting and family. when my wife and i started researching parenting styles (greener grass parenting? :), i didn't find a lot online from a christian perspective from the parenting style we were leaning toward, and i think there should be.

of course, this blog isn't anything about parenting and family. hopefully i'll start it someday soon....

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