Friday, July 25, 2008

chicagoland versus LA-land

so we've been in pasadena, CA for over a month now! (can you believe that!) we've adjusted well and are thankful to have the chance to study here for a year.

i thought i'd write some of my observations about chicagoland (actually northwest indiana) and LA-land (actually pasadena.) forgive me for my generalizations, but in.....

Chicago - you say "cool"
LA - you say "right on"

Chicago - motto - "life in the fast lane"
LA - motto - "no worries"

Chicago - you race to get in line at the grocery store first
LA - you can ask to go in front of someone if you just have a couple items

Chicago -you buy cantaloupes by the item
LA - you buy cantaloupes by the pound. (never knew how much a cantaloupe weighed!)

Chicago - you cut people off and block them from getting on the expressway
LA - you're nice and let folks in (usually)

Chicago - same price for gas, cash or credit (why does the sign even say that?)
LA - gas is cheaper with cash (oh, that's why!)

Chicago - they're called police officers
LA - they're called peace officers

Chicago - traffic is always crazy
LA -traffic is crazy, but there's a carpool lane!

Chicago - the slug-bug game works because there aren't many around
LA - your arm would bruise from being hit so many times

Chicago - parents aren't always so nice to their kids in public
LA - parents are pretty laid back with their kids

Chicago - the state park trail sign reads "don't feed the raccoons or pigeons."
LA - the sign reads "don't worry- rattlesnakes don't usually bite."

Chicago – interstates are named by “I” and then the number. (I294)
LA – apparently, interstates have official titles. they are named with a “the” and then the number. (THE 210).

Chicago – sausage pizza (said with a short “a” on sausage. :)
LA – pepperoni pizza. i can’t find a sausage pizza in the frozen pizza section.

Chicago – i need a haircut ever six weeks
LA – i need a haircut every three weeks.

i feel like i'm forgetting some...i'll add them as they come to me....we love being in cali, but are chicagoan at heart! ;)

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