Tuesday, February 10, 2009

living with your death date (part two)

it seemed that folks responded (mostly) well to the whole idea of living in light of death. (the responses are on facebook).  a couple years ago, i came across this spiritual discipline in a devotional/prayer book i was using...

"Represent to you imagination that your bed is your grave; that all things are ready for your interment; that you are to have no more to do with this world; and that it will be owing to God’s great mercy if you ever see the light of the sun again or have another day to add to your works or piety. Then commit yourself to sleep as one that is to have no more opportunity of doing good, but is to awake among the spirits that are separate from the body and waiting for the judgment of the last great day.

Such a solemn resignation of yourself into the hands of God every evening, and parting with all the world as if you were never to see it any more- and all this in the silence and darkness of the night- is a practice that will soon have excellence effects upon your spirit. For this time of the night is exceeding proper for such prayers and mediations. The likeness which sleep and darkness have to death will contribute very much to make your thoughts about it the more deep and affecting. So that I hope you will not let a time so proper for such prayers be ever passed over without them." - From A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life by William Law

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